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Why Choose Café Style Window Shutters?

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Anyone who knows anything about interior design understands the value of window shutters. They influence one of the most important features at home – light. Because they are such an important consideration for any room, getting to know the options available out there helps.

Café style window shutters are among the most underrated choices. If you’re not familiar with the name, you may be familiar with the style. These are excellent shutters that offer a lot of benefits. If your curious about café style or other window shutters in Vancouver, read on.

What are Café Style Window Shutters?

These shutters are defined by how they leave the upper side of the windows uncovered. They are placed in the bottom half of the window. The height of the shutters intentionally leaves a portion of the window above with just the glass to let the light in. Today, it’s one of the most popular styles of window shutter designs.

Why Choose Café Style Window Shutters?

There are several reasons to choose café style shutters for your windows. Here are a few that might convince you:

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This style of shutters started during a time when glass wasn’t that widespread – only wealthy homes had an abundance of glass and they made the most of it by using café style shutters on their windows. Today, this design continues to be one of the most stylish choices for window shutters. It can be used in any kind of property.

Perfect fit

Café style shutters are almost always custom-made for specific windows. This means property owners can expect a perfectly fitting design every time. In many cases, they can even choose just how much of the window they want their shutters to cover.

Highly durable

Since these shutters can be made from sturdy hardwood, they promise durability, requiring little to no maintenance even after years of use.


This style of shutters is perfect for street-level windows. Passers-by aren’t likely to see through the shutters even if the upper part of the window is left uncovered.


Homes that have café style window shutters get the best of both worlds – aside from offering a reasonable level of privacy, the upper part of the window still allows the light in. Even if people leave the shutters closed during the day, light will still come in from the top.

Amazing on bay windows

Bay windows are a modern classic. Today, more and more properties are incorporating this kind of window design. Using the café style window shutters for bay windows is a match made in heaven. They complement the strengths in each design offering the room decent light and privacy, while also looking stylish. If you have more questions about café style window shutters or other shutters and blinds designs, visit our other pages or give us a call at 360-771-9780.

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