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Timeless style and quality made possible by window shutters in Vancouver. Transform your home with shutters from The Blind Guy.

The Blind Guy’s selection of window shutters suits any décor of Vancouver, WA homes.

Add a warm and inviting ambience to your space while upgrading your current décor with quality shutters.

    Whether you want to add a posh sense of style to your home or need a window treatment that offers privacy and UV protection, interior window shutters can address all the needs of your Vancouver home. You can also customize your Vancouver window shutters with a wide range of fabric options and features, including decorative panels, panel configuration and more.


    This robustly designed shutter covers the full height of any window and is framed around the panels, enabling consistent use and reliable design.

    Café Style

    Café style shutters provide full privacy on your window’s bottom portion while leaving the top half open to still give you a view.

    Special Shapes

    Whether it’s an angled or arched window, shutters can still dress odd-shaped areas. Ask us about our made-to-measure special shape shutters.

    Shutter Blinds

    Most people turn to blinds and curtains to dress their windows, but window shutters are also an attractive and practical alternative. Similar to other window treatments, shutters add charm to any house, improve security and are easy-to-use.

    Other benefits of window shutters include:

    • Block out light. The bright sunlight is lovely but not always welcome. With our shutters, light need not come into your home unless you want it to. You have control over your environment.
    • Save more on energy bills. With window shutters installed, you’ll spend less time using your heater or air conditioning unit to maintain an ambient temperature at home.
    • Increase your privacy. Gain complete control over your privacy. Shutters enable you to shut our unwanted exposure at any time of the day or night.

    Shutters Made for Your Home

    The Blind Guy doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We can customize our window shutters so they fit your home’s aesthetics and needs (e.g., additional privacy, UV protection, etc.). Shop online within the comforts of your home; we can bring the showroom to you.

    Leave the installation to us, too. Our team will measure and fit your windows so you can enjoy the finished product.

    Browse through our selection today or get in touch with us to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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