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3 Steps to Childproofing Window Blinds


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) lists window coverings with cords as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home. Children tend to wrap cords around their necks or pull cords and become entangled in the loops. In fact, a child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window cord strangulation every month and another child experiences near strangulation.

Accidents can happen anytime. Parents must always think two steps ahead when it comes to childproofing their home. That said, here’s how you can protect your kids from window covering hazards:

1. Upgrade to cordless

Going cordless is the simplest and safest way to childproof your window treatments.

Motorized window blinds ensure children and pets can’t get tangled while eliminating the need for manual labour.

Instead of dealing with long, dangerous cords, families can now control window treatments with just a press of a button. Some models even allow voice control and advanced scheduling options for greater convenience.

At The Blind Guy, we deliver quality custom window blinds in Vancouver, Washington including cordless variations. Our flexible options include automated controls and energy-efficient models. Feel free to ask our consultants to help you choose the right style, material, and functionality that meet your requirements.

2. Stay compliant

window blinds

See to it that all your blinds and shades comply with the safety standards set by the U.S. CPSC. Buying non-compliant window blinds and shades will only invite undue risks.

The following safety components can make your window treatments safer to use:

  • Cord cleat – a plastic or metal safety device used to wrap dangling cords against the wall so kids can’t reach them.
  • Cord tensioners – a safety mechanism attached to all continuous cord loop lift systems. The cord tensioner secures the cord to prevent children from sticking their head or any appendage into the loop.
  • Inner cord stops – Designed to limit how inner cords can be pulled and looped, reducing the risk of injury or death.

3. Keep furniture away from windows

Children like to climb furniture and explore. Unfortunately, if the furniture is located near a window, children can easily reach up and pull any cords.

Cribs and other heavy furniture should be located as far away from windows as possible. Additionally, educate your kids on household safety and be firm about the consequences of playing with cords and other hazardous objects.

Quality window blinds for child safety

Childproofing window treatments is not only a way to give yourself peace of mind at all times, but effectively, it will create a safer and more comfortable environment for the entire family.

If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your window treatments, our team will be happy to help. For over 15 years, The Blind Guy has installed quality window blinds designed for greater security and convenience. We bring a wealth of product knowledge, professionalism, and workmanship to every project to ensure the most accurate results and 100% client satisfaction.

Call our team at 360-771-9780 to schedule a free consultation today.

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