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Not all windows are perfect squares or rectangles. Find the perfect cover for your special-shaped windows at The Blind Guy.

Does your window have a special shape?

The Blind Guy can help you find a shutter that fits any window shape or size.

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    Not all the windows in your home are perfect squares or rectangles. If you have a window that is shaped in a circle, arch, or another unconventional shape, finding a window treatment that fits is a struggle — but not with The Blind Guy’s custom-shaped shutters.

    For windows with special shapes, we offer custom shutters that suit any window, as well as transform the look of your rooms. Unlike other window treatment solutions, our shutters emphasize the unique shape of your window while our adjustable louvers offer better light and privacy control.

    Shutter Options for Your Special-Shaped Windows

    We provide made-to-measure shutters to make sure our products suit your window perfectly. Depending on your window, we may attach your shutters to the outer and inner frame. The hinges allow you to reach the window by opening the shutter.

    If the window’s shape does not allow hinges, you may still click the shutter panel out or in, so you can still remove or replace the panel in a single section.

    Hassel-Free Window Treatment Services

    Once you’ve selected the shutters, The Blind Guy will deliver them to your home and install them for you. Expect your shutters to be installed in just a day!

    Special Shape Shutters Suit Windows of Different Shapes

    Special shape shutters accentuate the shape of your window, making them fantastic home decors. The advantage of custom shutters is that they fit the dimensions of windows perfectly. No matter how unusual or unique a window is, you’ll find covers that are adaptable and well-fitting.

    With custom shutters, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of materials. From premium natural wood to waterproof PVC, all of these are available painted or stained (in a variety of shades). You can choose softer, subtler colors so your windows can blend with the surrounding décor or opt for a bolder color to make a statement with your window.

    Functional, Not Just a Design

    Special shape shutters aren’t just window dressings; they are also functional solutions. Our window covers come with operable louvers that provide privacy options and unique light control while maintaining elegance in your home. Close the hinged panels for some shade and open the louvers if you wish to let light and air into the room.

    If you need help with your selection, The Blind Guy team is eager to be of service. Our design consultants can offer recommendations according to your preferences and needs.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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