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Cover a whole window, door or aperture with plantation shutters from The Blind Guy. Gain better light control and complement your home’s décor with this minimalistic window treatment.

Plantation shutters perfect for any home.

Discover how this minimalistic window treatment can enhance your home’s aesthetics and function.

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    Plantation shutters are popular due to their versatile nature, iconic look, and robust design. Suitable in any room at home, this window treatment option covers the full height of a window. The frame around its panels also allows for consistent use, as well as offers a reliable style and model to your home’s design.

    When you choose plantation shutters, you benefit from the following features:

    • Noise control. Enjoy peaceful sleep or undisturbed quiet time by shutting off the noise from outside. If you live close to a busy road or street, plantation shutters can block outside noises.
    • Easy installation. Since plantation shutters cover the entire window, you may easily line it up and adjust it during installation.
    • Insulation. If your windows are beautiful but still let the cold in, it’s time for a replacement. Plantation shutters keep you warm and snug and still suit any room’s décor.

    With full height window shutters, you may have as many panels across the window. Go for one or two wider panels or change the style with seven narrower shutters combined for a folded look. If you don’t plan to open the panels back, work with fewer panels so you can have fewer vertical sections. Fewer sections let in more light into your room.

    No matter what your choice is, The Blind Guy is at your service. Browse through our selection of shutters or get in touch with us for a professional design consultation.

    Plantation Shutters: Perfect Installations for Your Home

    Plantation shutters are ideal for windows that need complete coverage. This window treatment is a popular choice for windows in bedrooms and living spaces since it allows for privacy and shade (when the slats are down). Opening the slats up, on the other hand, lets more light in and gives you a better view of the outside world.

    For taller windows, these shutters include a horizontal rail to divide the top and bottom parts of the panels. This allows the shutters to open independently, which increase light control and maximize privacy.

    What’s the Best Use for Plantation Shutters?

    The Blind Guy’s plantation shutters cover small to large windows. For smaller windows (typically used in bathrooms), we advise using plantation shutters. Fitting shutters that are split (e.g., double hung) or shorter (e.g., café style shutters) might look out of place.

    Singular panels can cover medium-sized windows from top-to-bottom. For extra tall windows (76”+), we recommend fitting a divider rail to establish a more stable structural support for the shutter. Doing so reduces the risk of warping and guarantees a long-lasting and durable fit. It also allows for more versatility since you can close and open each half independently of one another.

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