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Transform light and provide UV protection for your furniture with our light-diffusing, privacy sheers and shadings.

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Fill your room with light while maintaining a sense of privacy with window shading sheers.

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    Window shading sheers are one of the best ways to set the mood in any room. Diffusing the light ever so slightly, they give any room a warm and comfortable ambiance, as well as protect your furniture, hardwood floors, artwork, and more from harmful UV rays.

    Window sheers are also versatile window treatments that cover rooms in a sense of elegance while maintaining privacy. The Blind Guy’s sheers and shadings provide a maximum amount of protection through a variety of opaqueness options.

    Key Features

    • Quality Design and Style. Explore the richness of texture offered by our range of sheers and shadings. Our suite of window coverings is available in different textures, fabrics, hardware, and colors — all created to meet your expectations.
    • UV Protection. The Blind Guy’s sheer fabrics softly filter out glare, brightness, and UV rays to protect your flooring and furniture.
    • Light and Privacy Control. The rear sheer obscures the view into your interiors, providing daytime privacy even when your shutters are open.
    • Better view. The Blind Guy’s sheer window shades are designed with a unique combination of back and front sheers so get a better view of the world outside.
    • Room darkening. Our shadings offer better light control by combining the light-diffusing benefits of a silhouette shade with a roller shade nestled behind the silhouette shading.

    Customize your shades to suit your home’s overall aesthetic. Our design consultants can help you mix and match designs.

    Benefits of Adding Sheer Window Shades

    In terms of versatility, sheer window shades offer versatility in terms of privacy and light control. You can raise them to allow full sunlight in the room. You can also lower the shades with the slats open to diffuse light and still maintain privacy. If you want full privacy and light protect, lower your shutters with the slats closed.

    The Blind Guy’s window shades can also protect your home from UV rays. When the vanes are closed, our sheer shades offer 100 percent protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This prevents fabric fading and sun damage.

    Even when the vanes are open, the shade’s sheer piece of draper can block out the UV rays. Enjoy a sunny day without worrying about the consequences of exposing your furniture to strong sunlight.

    What is the Perfect Use for Window Shading Sheers?

    The best thing about sheer shades is that they are great options for EVERY room in your home. If you’re after a consistent design for window treatments throughout your home, The Blind Guy’s window shading sheers are your best options.

    These window coverings can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and offices due to their built-in look, privacy and light control, and their elegant appearance.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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