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Enhance Your Home with Gorgeous Vignette Roman Shades

Enjoy the beauty of your space more with The Blind Guy’s vignette roman shades. Crafted with high-quality materials, our shades transform incoming light so you can enjoy a brighter look at your windows.

The perfect vignette modern roman shades transform your home for the better.

Discover how simple shades can make your humble home look and feel better.

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    Enjoy a simple and uncluttered look for your windows with vignette roman shades, window treatments made from luxurious fabrics. This window treatment features contoured or flat folds designed to create a uniform appearance that operates seamlessly. Modern roman shades have no exposed rear cords, giving your window a cleaner look while promoting safety (especially for the kids).

    Key Features

    • Premium style and design. Explore the warmth and texture only vignette roman shades can offer. Our selection of exclusive designs uses a variety of colors, textures, and hardware to meet the design goals of our customers.
    • Beautiful fabrics. Vignette shades are available in light-filtering, sheer, and room-darkening fabric opacities, plus an array of textures that include lines, silks, natural weaves, and tweeds.
    • Style options available. Vignette roman shades are available in two styles:
      • Stacking style. These shades stack neatly under a low-profile headrail; available in 4” full folds.
      • Rolling style. This style features a 4” full fold or 6” full flat that seamlessly rolls up into the headrail.
    • Customizable decorative accents. All of our vignette roman fabrics are available in cut yardage. Feel free to mix and match decorative accents with our fabrics.

    What Are the Benefits of Vignette Roman Shades?

    One of the biggest benefits of using vignette roman shades is their style — timeless and classic. Roman shades also soften the appearance of your window, unlike other “hard” window coverings such as wood blinds. Depending on your preferred style — billowing looped or flat pleat — these shades can soften any hard window aesthetic.

    Some roman shades also boast of simple yet innovative operating systems. These systems allow you to automate your shades completely and control them easily. With just a press of a button (or two), you may adjust the light and privacy settings of your shades.

    Finally, customization is always an option. You may choose between the stacking style and the rolling style. No need to worry about your vignette shades taking up too much window space when they are open. Since you have plenty of customization options, you can make these shades your own.

    Perfect Use for Vignette Roman Shades

    Vignette roman shades are ideal for homes with pets or children. These shades have clean and elegant folds, and have no exposed cords, reducing the risk for accidents at home. Also, we’ve improved our roman shades so that they won’t get easily torn or snagged.

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