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Enhance Your Home with Silhouette Shades from The Blind Guy

Soften and control natural light with silhouette shades from The Blind Guy. Enjoy silhouette choices that let you create the perfect shade for your home.

Explore your window treatment options.

The Blind Guy can help you find silhouette shades that suit your home’s décor, as well as improve its ambiance.

Your Design Options are Endless with The Blind Guy

Transform your home with beautiful window coverings from The Blind Guy. Call us today to schedule your FREE in-house design consultation.

    Enjoy the luxury of privacy and light at the same time. The Blind Guy’s silhouette shades feature soft vanes that “float” between two sheer fabrics, softening and controlling natural sunlight. Apart from softening the diffusion of light, the sheer’s fabric vanes offer privacy control.

    Key Features

    • Unique design and style. Explore the warmth and texture of our selection of silhouette shades, a curated collection of design-inspired fabrics, colors, textures, and hardware created to meet your expectations.
    • Privacy and light control. The shades’ pale rear sheer obscures the view into your home, providing privacy during the day — even if you open the vanes. To achieve your desired level of privacy, tilt the vanes up or down.
    • UV protection. Our sheer fabrics filter out the sun’s glare, brightness, and UV rays to protect your flooring and furniture from fading.
    • Better view-through. The Blind Guy’s sheer shadings are made with a unique combination of back and front sheers that maximize your view of the great outdoors.
    • Room darkening. The combination of light-diffusing benefits of sheer shading with operated roller shades offers great control over incoming light.

    If you have questions about our products, let us know. Browse through our product page or give us a call for more information.

    What are the Benefits of The Blind Guy’s Silhouette Shades?

    Our sheer shades have two layers of sheer fabrics that transform light by distributing it throughout the room and reducing dark shadows. Fabric vanes transform the sun’s strong glares into a warm glow. Tilt the vanes to achieve your desired light and still enjoy the warmth of the sun.

    The Blind Guy’s sheer shades also come with a built-in ultraviolet (UV) protection design, preventing UV rays from fading your furniture, floors, and décor. 

    In terms of your home’s aesthetics, silhouette shades make a fantastic décor piece, too. Available in a variety of beautiful fabrics, you can take your pick from woven, casual linen, and light dimming materials. Choose from hundreds of color and texture combinations to find the sheer shade that will complement your home.

    Find What You Need at The Blind Guy

    Here at The Blind Guy, you’ll never run out of options for window coverings. Our friendly in-house design consultants can walk you through our selection of sheer shades. Schedule a FREE in-house consultation today.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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