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Honeycomb Shades for Better Insulation in Your Home

With their attractive patterns, subtle texture, and practical benefits, honeycomb shades are an ideal way to enhance your windows without overshadowing your home’s décor. Find the perfect shades for your home at The Blind Guy.

Simple shades can transform a home’s form and function.

Discover what The Blind Guy’s honeycomb shades can do for your windows.

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    Attractive, energy-efficient, and customizable, honeycomb shades (also known as cellular shades) are one of The Blind Guy’s bestselling products. Our honeycomb shades are a favorite among homeowners and interior designers for their variety of fabrics and colors. If you’re the kind of person who likes redecorating now and then, you’ll never run out of options with honeycomb shades. Custom sizes and light control are possible with cellular shades.

    • Cordless lift options. Cordless honeycomb blinds are ideal for homes with children because they lower the risk of accidental entanglement. The cordless mechanism gives your honeycomb shades a clean look, as well as a smooth glide and release. Operating the window treatment is a breeze.
    • Light control options. With honeycomb shades, you may choose any of three light control techniques – blackout, light filtering, and room darkening. The light-filtering option softens harsh sunlight by adjusting the amount of light to filter. If you want to block out more light, you may use blackout or room darkening fabrics, which are ideal for the bedroom.
    • Top-down/bottom-up lift options. You have two lifting options: traditional lifting (the shade is raised from the bottom) and top-down/bottom-up (raise and lower shades from either the bottom or the top). With the latter option, you may get a view and stay private. It’s ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.
    • Motorization is available in nearly every style of window covering above. Whether your house is old or new you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern smart home and the convenience of automation. We can even make them voice activated.

    Honeycomb Shades: The Right Window Treatment for Your Home

    Apart from adding depth to your décor, honeycomb or cellular shades provide the following benefits:

    • Energy efficiency. If you’re looking for the best insulating shade, honeycomb is it. Due to the very way it is constructed the small air spaces between the cells create the best insulating barrier both day and night. Honeycomb shade can let in all the light but stop the heat or cool– allowing you to keep your room cool or warm the way you want without overworking your AC.
    • Light control. If you’re looking to make a room as dark as possible, room darkening honeycomb shades are the best, due to completely opaque fabric and the smallest side gaps. Love the light, but not the heat, then light filtering honeycombs will be just right for you. You can easily adjust honeycomb blinds from the bottom or top, or both. This feature gives enhanced light control, letting light in from whatever angle you choose while maintaining privacy.
    • Durable. The unique and complex construction of honeycomb shades is the reason behind its durable feature. The tightly woven fabric can withstand vigorous use, making honeycomb shades a long-lasting window covering.

    Choose Blinds that Go Above and Beyond

    If you’re looking for a window treatment that does more than block the sun’s rays, honeycomb blinds are the perfect addition to your home. Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sturdy, these blinds improve the atmosphere and décor of your home while paying you back with energy savings.

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