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Double up on function and style with dual banded shades from The Blind Guy. All of our shades are available in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Enjoy a roller and a sheer shade in one.

Transform your home with simple yet elegant dual banded shades from The Blind Guy.

The Blind Guy can help you find the perfect dual banded shades.

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    Create a variety of light dimensions with dual banded shades. The Blind Guy’s dual banded designer shades are crafted with solid bands that align to provide a natural diffusion of light or overlap for extreme privacy. The solid and sheer combination of fabric bands enables easy transition from open to closed, providing you with an innovative solution for light control, view-through, and privacy.

    Product features

    • It can cover large windows. Smooth and precise operating systems make larger shades easy to raise. Dual banded shades are ideal for rooms with big windows that need to be covered.
    • Beautiful fabric selection. Our collection of dual banded shades is available in different colors, heights, geometric patterns, and textures. Browse through our selection of custom hardware colors. If you have a certain style you want to achieve, talk to our in-house designers for customization.
    • Top treatment. The shade’s fabric-wrapped header’s design produces a sleek top for your blinds.
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning dual banded shades are simple. A damp cloth is enough to wash stains while a vacuum cleaner can collect the dust accumulated on the surface.

    Leave the Installation to Us

    Apart from providing high-quality dual banded shades, we take care of the installation. Once you’ve chosen your shades, we’ll deliver them to you and install them.

    Advantages of Using Dual Banded Shades

    Dual banded shades give you better control of your home lighting. With this window treatment, you can switch to blackout for darkness and ultimate privacy in your room. These blinds promote regular sleeping cycles for a healthier mind and body.

    By alternating sunscreen or sheer roller, you also allow more natural light into your room. The light that enters the space is diffused by the shade, giving your room a soft glow. At the same time, you still get privacy during the day.

    Other benefits of dual banded shades are the following:

    • Make your home more cost-effective and eco-friendly. These shades reduce incoming heat from the sun, enabling your air conditioning unit to rest. Our dual banded shades offer better control over your home’s temperature and light settings. These benefits help you save more on electricity bills plus reduce your carbon footprint (something Mother Nature will appreciate).
    • Excellent for room decoration. Dual banded shades make great decorative pieces for any room in your home. They add a bit of warmth and softness to your interiors. Match your shades with your room’s overall décor to create a pleasant atmosphere.
    • Easy maintenance and upkeep. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe off stains from your shades. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the accumulated dust on the surface.

    Where Else Can You Use Dual Shades?

    These shades are also ideal for country cottages, city apartments, restaurants, conference halls, or any place with rooms that require less light.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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