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Find Window Shades in Vancouver, WA

Explore our range of gorgeous and functional tailored window shades today.

Create a simple yet elegant look in you Vancouver, WA home with custom window shades from the Blind Guy.

    The sunlight can be a wonderful addition to your interior spaces, but when you want less glare or privacy, window shadescan provide both for your Vancouver, WAhome or office.

    Trust The Blind Guy’s window covering experts in Vancouver, WAto help you choose custom window shadesand install them for you. Make your spaces more beautiful and more functional without the hard work.

    Honeycomb Shades

    Keep the interior of your home or office as cool as possible without shutting the sunlight off completely. Honeycomb shades’ unique design offers an additional layer of insulation to your windows.

    Vignette/Roman Shades

    Timeless and functional, Roman shades offer an uncluttered look for your home. Spaces big on ornamental design can benefit from the elegantly folded Roman shades.

    Dual/Banded Shades

    The solid and sheer combination of fabric bands combined in a single shade allows the seamless transition from open to closed, providing more privacy and light control.

    Roller/Solar Shades

    Add character and improve the ambience of any room with roller shades. The curved shape of these shades gently diffuses the sunlight through your window.

    Woven Wood Shades

    Constructed from natural fibers, woven wood shades add a touch of nature to your home, as well as dapples the sunlight entering through your window

    Silhouette/Window Shades

    The unique S-shaped vanes of silhouette shades beautifully diffuse light into your room while giving you privacy when you need it.

    Pirouette Shades

    The elegant and horizontal fabric vanes of pirouette shades offer an easier way of controlling light and privacy for your family.

    Silhouette Blinds

    Window shades offer the best of both (window treatment) worlds: it provides the same controlled appearance of window blinds and soft quality of curtains. Stylish and versatile, these blinds provide a nice alternative as a single window treatment.

    With window shades, you benefit from the following:

    • Versatility. Raise them to allow full sunlight or lower the slats open to diffuse light, you can do almost anything with window shades. The Blind Guy offers a range of window shades suitable for every family’s needs, as well as every window shape (from small, odd-shaped windows to large patio windows).
    • Privacy. Keep prying eyes away from your home’s interiors. You can get shades with room-darkening or light-filtering options, depending on the level of privacy and light control you’re looking for.
    • Aesthetics. Window shades can make any room feel a little more upscale. The drapery diffuses harsh sunlight to cast a soft glow throughout your room.

    Quality Window Shades for Your Home

    The Blind Guy’s shades create a simple, tailored look that suit soft and traditional or sleek and modern homes and offices. They offer flexible options to meet any requirement: cordless and motorized controls, top-down/bottom-up operation and energy efficiency. Our design consultants can help you pick the material, style and functionality of your custom shades.

    Once you’ve purchased your window shades, we’ll take care of the installation, as well. Sit back and relax while we measure and fit your window treatment for you.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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