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Upgrade Your Home’s Function and Aesthetics with Wood Blinds

Classic, traditional, and elegant — add a touch of sophistication to any space in your home with wood blinds from The Blind Guy.

Custom wooden blinds ideal for any home.

See how simple wooden blinds can add beauty to any room in your humble abode.

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    If you’re looking for an easier way to add warmth to your home, The Blind Guy’s selection of custom wooden blinds enhance the natural beauty of your space. These classic window treatments suit any interior design scheme and promote an organic feel in any room.

    Window treatments are not one-size-fits-all products, which is why we offer a large selection to help you find the perfect wooden blinds for your home. In spite of their differences, all of our products:

    • Are of the highest quality – Our wood blinds are made from a variety of high-quality natural hard woods, in order to maintain consistent quality and forest sustainability. Another plus is the strength of these blinds; they don’t bend or bow easily compared to other types of window treatments.
    • Available in different colors and stains – Just because wood blinds are made from natural materials, it doesn’t mean color options are limited. Our selection holds every shade: from mahogany and dark cherry to bright white. With many shades to choose from, finding a window treatment that suits your home’s overall décor is easy.
    • Available in different sizes, too – We’ve also simplified the coordination of your wood window treatments by offering three different slat sizes. We help you find the right-sized blinds that offer continuous and streamlined designs.
    • Come in different options – Wood blinds offer different upgrades and features. Feel free to customize your blinds by choosing cordless lift systems (suitable for homes with pets and kids) or multiple blinds on one head rail.

    Benefits of Wood Blinds

    Wood blinds can bring a rustic and natural feel to any room in your home. These window treatments also give any space a clean and classic look.

    Enhanced privacy is another benefit with wood blinds. Since wood is opaque, nosy neighbors couldn’t see through your windows and look into your private affairs. These window treatments are also room dimming, greatly reducing to light, allowing you to sleep better.

    Finally, wooden blinds require little maintenance. Wooden varieties hold up against dust, dirt, and grime. No need for fancy cleaning materials; a microfiber cloth or feather duster can remove surface particles. You may also use the soft attachment of your vacuum for a quick clean.

    A Versatile Window Treatment

    You may use wooden window blinds in virtually any room. Wood blinds are sealed and stained for extra protection and prolonged use. A highly functional widow treatment without all the fuss.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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