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Liven Up Your Home with Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds. When ordering a quality unit these can be a very durable, low maintenance, and cost-effective way to cover that slider. Advancements in plastics and polymers have brought the vertical right back into the modern age. Whether you choose modern textured PVC or light filtering fabric vanes this blind can be a great way to redirect the view and still maintain privacy. Keep the sun out while embellishing your home with The Blind Guy’s selection of vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds, must-haves for Your home.

Enhance the look and privacy of any room with attractive vertical blinds.

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    The Blind Guy’s vertical blinds are eye-catching additions that put a touch of modern flair to any home. This window treatment has vanes that run up and down. They can be cut to your window’s specific shape and height.

    Whether they’re made from fabric, or textured/smooth PVC materials, our vertical blinds are an affordable way to cover wide windows and sliding glass doors in a style that matches your home.

    Customized Vertical Blinds

    • Materials. Give your window a softer and more modern appearance with fabric vertical window blinds. If you want a rich and elegant look that suits your budget, vertical blinds made from (long-lasting PVC materials) are a fabulous choice. For an easy-to-clean option, go for a textured PVC variety.
    • Draw Types. Vertical blinds come with child safe wands or classic cord and chain so you can open and close them in the direction you want. There are three different draw types: split stack, one-way draw, or center stack configuration.
    • Light Control. If you’re looking for a light filtering option, choose free hanging fabric vanes or add a groover insert to make them room darkening. PVC vanes are a great way to redirect the light with vane tilting and great sun control when closed.
    • Custom Sizing. Cookie-cutter sizes do not work in vertical blind shopping. Talk to us about your windows’ sizes.

    Vertical Blinds as Perfect Additions to Your Home

    Versatile and stylish
    Vertical blinds are available in an extensive range of colors and materials. In terms of aesthetics, you’re free to be creative with our selection of shades and patterns. Our in-house design consultants will help you with selection.

    Functional Design
    These window treatments promote effortless functionality and low maintenance. Vertical blinds add visual height to any room, as well as allow more light to come in. With a pull of a chain or a twist of the wand, you can gather your blinds to one side or the other.

    Easy to Maintain
    Due to the vertical direction of the vanes, you may easily clean the blinds’ tracks. If the slats are made from fabric, you may also unhinge them for washing.

    Where Should You Use Vertical Blinds?

    The direction of the sun plays a part in your decision. Use vertical shades on windows that face west or east, where the sun’s rays often originate. In rooms facing these directions, vertical blinds easily allow or block light.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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