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Change Your Home’s Look with Simple Faux Wood Blinds

Affordable and of high quality, custom faux wood window treatments exude the warmth of natural wood or the clean classic lines with wide varieties of white.

Choose faux wood for your home and get the authentic look without the high price. 

Faux wood blinds make for a classy-looking and functional home.
See how our faux wood window treatments can transform your home without breaking the budget.

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    Enhance your home’s aesthetics with the beauty of natural wood — at a much lower cost! The Blind Guy’s faux wood blinds, made from durable polymers, and are the more affordable alternative to wood blinds. Give your home a more natural look without spending too much. Plus, coordinated cloth tape binding and valance upgrades are available, so you can create a unique window dressing.

    Apart from its beautiful appearance, faux wood blinds are:

    • Resistant to Environmental Conditions. Natural wood blinds’ protective finish wears off over time, leaving the wood exposed to environmental conditions. Excessive sunlight and heat cause the wood’s surface to fade. Faux wood blinds, on the other hand, are more resistant to heat and moisture.
    • Durable and Versatile. Faux wood blinds are resilient, making them the ideal window treatment options for humid spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Since faux window blinds are manufactured from plastic materials, they will likely outlast natural wooden blinds.
    • Economical Additions to Your Home. Faux wooden blinds translate into year-round savings in terms of cooling and heating costs. This window treatment reduces solar heat throughout hot summer months and insulates your home during colder winter months.
    • Available in an assortment of colors and sizes. You’ll never run out of options with faux wood blinds. These are available in many varieties. You may customize your blinds according to your home’s style and function.

    Faux Wood Blinds: Perfect Additions to Your Home

    Faux wood blinds may not be as luxurious as natural wood blinds; they are, however, visually appealing due to their similar texture to wood. Light beige and white are the most attractive colors for faux wood blinds, but you can coordinate the color of your blinds with the rest of your room.

    Apart from improving your home’s aesthetics, faux wooden blinds make you feel secure without the fear of being observed by outsiders.

    Finally, you’re doing Mother Nature a favor when you purchase faux wood blinds. The use of this material reduces the cutting of trees, so you’re taking part in an environment-friendly practice. In addition, these blinds are recyclable because their material is durable and long lasting.

    Ideal for Any Room

    The best thing about faux wood blinds is you can install them anywhere in your home. If you’re looking for window treatments that can withstand the humidity of bathrooms and kitchens, install these faux window coverings. Work with our design consultants to learn more about our faux wood blinds.

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