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Aluminum Blinds Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

Add a crisp, clean look to any space with all-purpose aluminum blinds. Solid and durable, mini blinds’ clean-lined design works with virtually any room style.

Add a touch of class to any room in your home.

Discover how our aluminum blinds can transform your humble abode’s aesthetics and functionality.

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    Many people assume aluminum blinds = mini blinds nothing could be further from the truth. With new larger 2” slats, modern colors and metallic finishes like rubbed bronze, copper, brushed nickel, or brushed stainless these blinds definitely still have a place in today’s homes.

    Here at The Blind Guy, we offer a variety of aluminum blinds. Each one is available in different sizes and colors and comes with unique features. Our selection includes:

    • 1” aluminum mini blinds. If you’re after a classic version of the mini blind, go for the 1” aluminum type. These window coverings are made from high-quality materials and are accurately cut to ensure a perfect fit for any window.
    • 2” aluminum blinds. All the function of the classic blind but with a more modern appearance and scale to today’s larger homes and windows.
    • Privacy aluminum mini blinds. Strengthen your home’s privacy with privacy aluminum mini blinds. Built without route holes, these blinds cover your window seamlessly. Close them to cut the sun’s glare, darken your room, and protect your home from prying eyes.
    • Cordless aluminum mini blinds. The perfect combination of traditional mini blinds and a modern touch, these cordless blinds come with a streamlined style. Forget the lift cord; the blinds’ bottom rail can lower and raise your blinds.

    Enhance your home’s appearance and functionality with a classic aluminum blind from The Blind Guy. Apart from offering a selection of quality blinds, we provide installation services. Let our professional team set up your aluminum blinds for you.

    Benefits of Using Aluminum Blinds

    Why should you invest in aluminum blinds like other homeowners?

    • Matches any room’s needs. aluminum blinds suit any space. Since they are moisture-resistant, they are also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Budget-friendly. aluminum blinds are a popular option for homeowners working on a budget. These window treatments are an attractive choice for people who want to outfit their entire home but wish to still save money.
    • Easy-to-clean. Since most aluminum -blinds are made from durable aluminum, they are easy to clean with mild products. With other blinds and shades, you need to watch out for fading and staining, but aluminum blinds maintain their vibrant shade even after exposure to hard water or cleaning products.
    • Lighting control. Although aluminum blinds cannot block out light 100 percent, they give homeowners enough control over the room’s lighting. They are easy to operate in two ways: by lifting the cords to pull the blinds up or down or the wands to open the slats.

    Transform your home today with beautiful window treatments. Schedule your free consultation.

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